Skater Aid Pilsner


Real talk, y’all. At Gnarly Barley we are committed to a few things like churning out the juice and goofin but pretty much at the top of our list is supporting our community. And for many of us here (like Zac, for example) built this brand off of the experiences and direction provided by skateboarding. Sound crazy? Read on.

You’ll recall that when we launched our latest core beer, Skater Aid, that we also pledged to donate a portion of sales from that beer to support skateboarding initiatives. And we also want to be transparent, and let you know where the money goes…in this case it’s Parisite DIY Skatepark in New Orleans. So if you skate then you probably value communities like this but if not? Well then, we’d like to share with you what it means to support it.

You see, it’s not just a super fun activity, it’s kind of a lifestyle. And it’s one that provides a respite and sense of identity for so many kids. It’s our goal to take the money from Skater Aid and give it to an organization that provides a space for kids and adults to gather, challenging themselves and finding a place where they belong. Because even if they don’t know it, they are actively building a family. And it’s one that transcends economic status, identity, and even age. It’s a common passion that unites people over physical and mental growth.

For some of us here it actually saved our lives, so you can imagine that this beer and this mission is of the utmost importance to us. So believe us when we say that you’re doing good by drinking beer. And we want you to know what that means and to see our mission in action. Skater Aid is a direct line to the community that we credit for giving us the strength and motivation to build this brewery. So crush a few and just know that you, too, are rippin and reppin. And we can’t say it enough…thank y’all for your support.

Ole' Skate Nick Skate Jam at Parisite DIY, 2022